Friday, November 4, 2011

New Molds!

I was absolutely thrilled when the SO answered the door yesterday and brought a package from Taiwan upstairs for me. It had been a month since I had placed the order and the day was finally here- my new molds had arrived! Woohoo! I quickly got down to unboxing, examining, and showing them off to the SO. But the fun was yet to come, as I then prepped three batches of soap for molding.

Dare I say that these are the BEST three dimensional silicone molds ever? They are wonderfully sturdy, and produce gorgeous details in the soap. Sure, I had to hunt down a stash of rubber bands for use on the tallest mold, but that was the biggest issue I had. It seemed like an obnoxiously long time waiting for the soap to set, but I attribute that to just being so anxious to get the finished product out!

Eventually, the time came and I happily, and carefully, pried apart the molds to see my new creations. As I said- GORGEOUS! The detail is astounding, and everything looks so beautiful! I just can't get over the results! Was the wait and expense (a single mold can run up to $40, before shipping expenses) worth it? YES!!!

So, to share my joy, here are some quick shots (from the phone, sorry...) of 2 of the resulting soaps. The picture of the third was terrible, so it will come later after the battery is charged in the actual camera.

Wow... forgetful, aren't I? The molds were purchased from EGBHouse on eBay. They were great to work with, since the eBay system didn't calculate the combined shipping, but they kindly credited me back the overage. Wonderful products, amazing designs, and definitely worth the cost and the wait!

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